The transfer deadline loomed

While Sky and the BBC ooed and aaghed at the pyrotechnics at Chelsea and Liverpool, a small band of Yeovil fans were hunched over their laptops and mobiles scanning the twittersphere for pronouncements on our at risk superstars, Dean Bowditch and Gavin Williams.

To quote Ben Barrett-

 Right, football world. No-one cares about Carroll/Torres/Adam… Has Dean Bowditch turned down Huddersfield yet????????

Teenagers professed they would not sleep till they heard whether Super Gav , lately out of contract with Bristol City was joining Yeovil or Bristol Rovers.

Then ,just an hour from deadline came this

← @deanbowditch10 dean bowditch
Dont worry Tweeps im not going anywhere…
And if you think I’m a sly old sentimentalist, then you weren’t there over the next thirty minutes as tweet after tweet celebrated like we were staying up
I bet this kind of thing was going on up and down the land from Clydesbank to Torquay but for me, stuck in Hotel Stupid – it was all that mattered.
We think, we hope that Super Gav will join us. We’ve got a bright young lad from City on a youth loan- Andy Tutte.  JP’s off to Bristol Rovers (where he’ll continue to spend more time in the stands than on the pitch).
We’re happy.

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