Easy cynicism – tough measures.

Like you…I can’t see this ConDem coalition lasting five years.

 But let’s not forget that minority government is possible – and practically the more so if you are incumbent and have already much of your political-philosophy driven legislation in place. Perhaps part of the visible haste so far is driven by just that. It’s a strange power balance that the tories can break at any time of their choosing. I think the key is to watch the Lib-Dems‘ poll ratings like a hawk – if by any strange chance, they have AV in place and strength in the polls relative to either other party – they’ll be off. If it looks like the tories are dragging their feet after a yes to an AV referendum, they’ll be off – with a populist campaign that will win them votes. And of course we’ll then be faced by coalition as the norm rather than exception. The difficult questions really all surround the tory actions when in minority and whether they can effectively wrest voters from Labour and the Lib Dems with them…..

– we know the words are only good til close and then they’ll follow the politically expedient in the event.

This from someone who I have a deal of respect for. It’s a commonly held view in the City and amongst the political cognoscenti in London but it’s not my view nor that of most people I know outside such rareified circles.

There is a cynicism about the actions and words of the current Government  and it was lambasted by Billy Brag when he played the Rythm Festival at Clapham (Beds ) a couple of Friday’s ago.

The cynicism is easy, the measures tough. Let’s give the guys a decent run.


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