Peter Booker 22/08/55- 11/10/09

Please feel free to post your memories of Peter and his contribution using the comments button below.

A service of Celebration for Peter’s life was held this morning. The comment was made:
“For Peter it was never the easy option, always the right option”

8 Responses to Peter Booker 22/08/55- 11/10/09

  1. Jenny Davidson says:

    I attended Peter’s funeral today and although it was very moving it was good to see so many former and current colleagues had come to say goodbye. It was especially nice to see again the first Member Nominated Trustee myself and Peter appointed to the Caradon scheme and with whom Peter had kept in contact with all these years. Peter was a great friend and adviser to me. I am forever grateful that he had the confidence to offer me my first pensions manager role, a huge jump up from pensions administrator at Bacon & Woodrow, and to introduce me to all his contacts at my first NAPF conference in 1994, many of which I am still in conatct with to this day. He was also the very first person to call me and wish me well when I set up my own Pensions company and it was a pleasure to work with him again at Mars on such a rewarding and energetic project.
    My fondest memory however is how Peter managed to sing well into the night at the NAPF with Peter Thompson on piano without a single drop of alcohol – when the rest of us were too drunk to sing in tune (well that is my excuse anyway).


  2. henry tapper says:

    Peter Booker The best God Father
    “My Uncle Peter was a kind gentle and very funny man. He had the worlds best personallity and had a very caring heart. He loved my Aunty Lynda and his 2 wonderful Daughters dearly. I attended his service yesterday and I was so pleased at the number of people who attended. The words that were said really summed Peter up and the Poem read by Lizzie was very moving. Peter was with us in every way yesterday the sun was shining and you could feel him with us all day. I just want to say that I could not have wished for a better God Father and I think all of Peters other God Children will agree. Best wishes Andrewx”



  3. henry tapper says:

    I knew Peter quite well also, long before my role as a Trustee.

    Peter did an outstanding job for our pension fund a few years ago in negotiating with the government about some details of the pensions legislation relating to adding together all ‘pension pots’ for the TFLS calculation.

    His premature death was a tragedy.

    John Gaunt


  4. John Gaunt says:

    I also recommended Peter for the (internal to Mars) “Making The Difference” award, such was the importance of his contribution to many of us close to retirement. It is a great pity he didn’t reach this point himself.


  5. Vanessa Bonney says:

    I worked with Peter at Caradon, and he truly was a very genuine and kind man. He always gave 110% when it came to helping other people, however big or small their problems. It’s very tragic and sad to read about his passing.


  6. henry tapper says:

    A year on and your memory is as stong. Thanks for all you did for those that know you Peter


  7. Chris Barber says:

    Comtemplating the New Year, my thoughts turned to times past when I was with Mars, and the years I worked with Peter at Slough…prompting me to ‘Google’ his name. I’m saddened to hear of his premature passing – he was a really good guy of whom I have only good memories – I consider myself to have been very fortunate to have known Peter.. Such a font of knowledge, able to explain the hugely complex area of pensions with such clarity and patience. I would like to belatedly convey my sincere condolences to his family.

    Chris Barber


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