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Whitbread – you must pay up on the Government’s pension promise

This blog calls on Whitbread to pay the incentive outstanding to many of their staff before the sale of Costa to Coca Cola. If Whitbread refuses to do so, the Pensions Regulator should block the sale. If Whitbread wants to … Continue reading

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Whitbread – treat your baristas fairly.

If Whitbread don’t sort things for their low-paid pension savers, the Pensions Regulator should consider blocking the Coke deal Continue reading

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The net-pay scandal gathers momentum

Key “net pay” (or variations on the phrase) into the keyword search on this blog and you will find over 30 articles going back to early 2015. It was Kate Upcraft who first put me on to the problem which emerged … Continue reading

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“Making workplace pensions work” – the Pension Regulator’s new approach

I’ve been on the Pensions Regulator’s stakeholder panel a couple of years and this gets me a ticket to their Annual Conference. I haven’t bought the new vision in previous years, but yesterday’s event, held in County Hall, pushed the … Continue reading

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Can a DC plan be “in deficit”?

Yesterday, I fired off a message to the Pensions Regulator to put a stop on Whitbread’s sale of Costa to Coke, till restitution is made of the money owing to the low earners auto-enrolled into its net pay workplace pension. I won’t … Continue reading

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Pension paralysis over the net-pay rip off.

I won’t bore you with a list, but there are 31 blogs on this site dealing with various aspects of the net-pay rip-off which is denying hundreds of thousands of low-paid people the incentive promised them by HMRC for contributing … Continue reading

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Who will champion DC savers?

I hear a lot of DB experts at conferences talking about transferring their “skill-set” for the benefit of DC savers; they want to transport their language – diversified growth funds, liability driven investment and glide-paths into the lingua franca of … Continue reading

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Is a Net Pay pension scheme ever suitable for those earning <£11,000pa?

@pensionmonkey Who can explain why Net Pay pension scheme is suitable for those earning <£11,000pa next yr?@PensionsSam @Henryhtapper — Ros Altmann (@rosaltmann) November 20, 2015 With this straightforward question, our Pensions Minister puts her finger on one of the central … Continue reading

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Towers Watson’s mansion on the hill.

It’s good to see Pension Minister Ros Altmann paying some attention to the pension small schemes sign up to as part of staging auto-enrolment. Corporate Adviser run the article, the link’s here. Of course Ros is thinking about the 1,200,000 … Continue reading

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“I don’t need a new house – I need an extension!”

  I have sympathy with the pension managers of large employers who are being expected to adopt the pension reforms. It is not their job to make Government policies work, rather it is Government’s job to make pensions work- especially … Continue reading

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