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Otsuka finds balm for USS’ “forty year itch”

    With remarkable restraint , Mike Otsuka reports on conversations he’s had with the USS on unknown unknowns. We do not know what the future brings, but past performance suggests that universities do not fail as people need higher … Continue reading

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Why the USS got itself into trouble ( Mike Otsuka).

Mike Otsuka’s extraordinary diligence in understanding the pension scheme he is a member of, is an example to us all. In this article he delves into the archives and uncovers some disturbing statements. They shed light on the current “unaffordability” of … Continue reading

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USS – thoughts from off the campus

The situation at USS is like a medieval siege, where both sides are at Parlez. The threat of violent action has not gone away, but the talking holds some hope of a resolution. Since the nuances of those talks are … Continue reading

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“If not ACAS – who?” No end in sight to the USS dispute.

The dispute between the University employers (UUK) and their teaching staff (UCU), shows no sign of resolution. Indeed, with students breaking for their Easter holidays, impulsion for a settlement has now reduced. There would have been little teaching done over … Continue reading

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There is no need to increase contributions to USS – Dennis Leech

Dennis Leech is Professor of Economics at Warwick University. He has written several times on the current dispute over the future of the USS, most notably here , where he asks if the USS is really in crisis and here where he … Continue reading

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“Universities accept a small amount of increased risk” – Mike Otsuka’s USS update

What this UCU proposal involves and why it is justified In a meeting with Universities UK (UUK) employers on Tuesday 27 February, the University and College Union (UCU) proposed that “Universities accept a small amount of increased risk through a … Continue reading

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“Made in Westminster” – Sean Wallis’ technical analysis of the USS “deficit”.

  Please press this link to understand the USS crisis in a new light.  Made in Westminster – Sean Wallis I don’t often re-blog; but this piece of work is so comprehensive , I think it should stand on its … Continue reading

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Oxford’s and Cambridge’s role in the demise of USS – Mike Otsuka

To be more precise: what follows is an account of the role of these two universities, and their constituent colleges, in the demise of USS as a multi-employer scheme that promises a decent, defined benefit (DB) pension to its members. … Continue reading

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Can strikes now prevent the imposition of detrimental changes on USS? – Mike Otsuka

The regrettable answer is that they almost certainly cannot Please click here — “A mandate ‘to retain a decent, guaranteed pension’” — for an important update to the post below. This UCU mandate supersedes the Manchester resolution discussed below (Mike Otsuka)   At a … Continue reading

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Aussie’s are “Super Pension Savvy” – why aren’t we?

As most people (in pensions) know, Australia has a thriving retirement savings industry that works because there is a social contract between Government, Unions and Employers to fund workers pensions at ever-increasing amounts. I don’t want to do a teach in – … Continue reading

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