Getting started on twitter; followers ≠ impact.

Simon Kuestenmacher @simongerman600 who reproduces wonderful charts and maps on what he calls “my beloved twitter”, mourns the slow progress of twitter relative Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tic-Toc.


He needn’t!

For all its problems , twitter remains the home of the micro-blog, it is serving a particular function and Simon is a top exponents of “micro-blogging” making every picture tell its story.

You aren’t going to get rich telling stories but you can be influential. Simon has 230,000 followers.

These people have somewhat more.

But what you will get from their feeds will be less valuable to you than what you find for yourself. And getting started on twitter can be daunting because you will always be nudged into the rabbit-hole of the “most followed”. A better way is to follow a reliable list.

People I follow on twitter are (in no particular order)






















And you can follow me @henryhtapper

Why not check out a few of the accounts and follow them yourself?

Take my word for it, all of the above keep my brain stimulated and my heart warm, even if they don’t all have such warm feelings about me!

There are no doubt 50 more people who I will feel ashamed to have not listed, but that is the nature of selection.

The impact twitter has on me is so random, it makes reading a newspaper a mental procession. And it is here that my twitter feed is so important to me. Despite the adverts, twitter still enervates, way beyond its rivals

If you don’t use twitter and have set your heart against it, I guess you never will. But if you are yet to dip your toe in the water, why not set up an account today – I promise you a follow back!

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