#Fanpowerstadium Yeovil Town

I once thought if you blew hear enough in a certain direction you would create a vacuum between you and your breath into which your body would move so that eventually you would end up where you blew.

This idea is rather like N-Power‘s idea for #Fanpowerstadium. Say that next to the name of your club long enough and your club will inherit a day of Carlos Teves’ wages or a weak of Yeovil Town‘s.

It doesn’t help that wordpress asks me to replace Yeovil with evil, nor does it help that I can’t get “#fanpowerstadium” right on my iphone more than a third of the time (RTing a typo doesn’t make the typo go away).

Yeovil Town – (see how often I use that phrase!), are media savvy and though we are few, we punch above our weight (in Klout terms). The #Fanpowerstadium league is based on the number of social media mentions that your club gets. Yeovil Town are winning League One and it’s all because most of us like nothing better than sitting on public transport, phone in hand, worrying about how to keep Yeovil Town in the public eye.

If all this seems a little self-defeating in the “get a life” v socialmediaguru stakes, then you are probably right. But heh!

We’re top of the league and having a laugh!

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