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The pension zeitgeist

The real lessons to be learned come from what people do , not just what they say; but we can start by listening to the pensions Zeitgeist Continue reading

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Tescos – Karen Wake helps- quite a lot!

It is not about staging dates, it is about day in, day out; forever into the future Continue reading

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Time to look at VAT on pension costs

OK – not the most exciting topic but it’s an important one! I’ve seen no discussion about VAT on pension fees and that’s troubles me as we put together our strategy to sort out the pension challenge facing the 1.2m … Continue reading

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100% horse!

When you pick up a packet from a shelf- the chances are you looking at the brand. If you are looking at the supermarket‘s own brand- you are making ca call on the probity and governance of the supermarket. If … Continue reading

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Tesco v Morrisons – a pension-enrolment showdown

The Government officials charged with monitoring the success of auto-enrolment will no doubt be watching with interest the reported numbers enrolling into the Morrison’s and Tesco’s pension arrangements. Both organisations have opted to provide their “eligible jobholders” with defined benefit pensions; the … Continue reading

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Abusing the voice of the people – a call for better pensions

Evangelists of social media cite the wisdom of the crowd. But wisdom and gullibility are two sides of the same coin and  those who marvel at the capacity of groups to congregate around their chosen solutions, demonize their herd mentality when the crowd looks elsewhere. “Vox … Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment;- the story so far

Payroll managers are playing an increasingly important role in the formation of their business’ pension strategies. Continue reading

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TESCO extra pensions

I’ve followed Tesco’s progress towards the staging of auto-enrolment closely this week. I think we are at a tipping point in pension provision in Britain, a point which could see the return of pensions that do what they say on … Continue reading

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“Ambitious” pensions can save you from staging a disaster

Organisations with 500 or more employees have been written to recently by the DWP with a reminder that in 2013 they have to “stage” auto-enrolment. Companies which historically provide and promote pensions to their staff will take all this in their stride But staging … Continue reading

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