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“Nest’s auto-enrolment -innit!” – “no it ain’t!”

  Auto-enrolment and NEST are synonymous to many. Hugh Pym, the BBC’s chief economic correspondent  told me he thought you could only auto-enrol into NEST and the mistake was repeated by Rachel Burden this morning on auto-enrolment. Rachel told the listeners … Continue reading

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Pension PlayPen response to the DWP Command Paper on Workplace Pensions

    Pension PlayPen Ltd trades as http://www.pensionplaypen.com and is the leading portal through which employers access information to stage auto-enrolment. The site allows employers to assess their workforce, determine a contribution structure, apply to workplace pension providers for terms … Continue reading

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What to do at Easter?

Easter’s here and while many of us will be well planned , some will have had plans fall through and some- well let’s just say “we’re fluid!”. If you’re fluid and are looking for something to do with yourself/your family … Continue reading

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People aren’t stupid- our products are!

I’m taking this comment out of comment so I won’t mention it’s source- it appears on a pensions website and is made by a leading actuary. Our challenge is to find a way to redress the balance and help them … Continue reading

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Something every UK start up should know about finance!

Pension PlayPen Ltd is funded in part by a SEIS. We are a start up funded by the private savings of its Founding Directors. We know it’s hard to get funding from the banks. We know it’s hard to keep … Continue reading

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There’s nothing stopping SMEs purchasing good pensions

This article plugs the needs for good pension purchasing and argues that both in terms of quality (governance) and quantity (supply) , employers have never had it so good. There is a lot of talk at the moment about DC … Continue reading

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Employers can help staff with their money – if only we’d let them

It’s time companies got their mojo back and got real with staff. Www.pensionplaypen.com helps to do just that. Continue reading

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The best fans in the land – #ytfc

In characteristically generous fashion, Yeovil Town  applauded the 2000 travelling Burnley fans at last week’s game at the Huish both at the ground and on twitter afterwards. They were generally acknowledged the loudest we’ve had all season and we are … Continue reading

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The trusted word

This is the model for what we are doing with Pension PlayPen, an attempt to harness the energy and credibility of a linked in group, the probity of an actuarial practice and the needs of advisers, employers and regulators to see through a great endeavour, the wholesale adoption of funded workplace pensions into our business culture.
Continue reading

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Humankind cannot stand too much reality.

TS Eliot was right as the game-makers King have proved with their addictive smart phone and Facebook app Candy Crunch. Candy Crunch is a game that involves wiping out rows of candy shaped icons from a screen. Wipe enough and … Continue reading

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