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Will some employers need their own IGCs?

  This blog’s for any employer or adviser with an existing workplace pension scheme (GPP or Stakeholder Pension), where you chose the funds offered to your staff.   I asked a question of the Pensions Regulator this week. He’d put … Continue reading

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Pension PlayPen response to the DWP Command Paper on Workplace Pensions

    Pension PlayPen Ltd trades as http://www.pensionplaypen.com and is the leading portal through which employers access information to stage auto-enrolment. The site allows employers to assess their workforce, determine a contribution structure, apply to workplace pension providers for terms … Continue reading

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Beyond compliance…how to integrate your workplace pension into your business

What is your organisation trying to get out of auto-enrolment? The answer will be as diverse as our business strategies! If we had to generalise, we at First Actuarial would chuck all the answers into two buckets; Bucket One is … Continue reading

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More trust, fewer Trusts please!

Take a look at this table (reproduced with the express permission of the Pension Regulator). It tells us that we have too many private sector trust based DC schemes (it also tells that we don’t know the difference between a GPP and DC … Continue reading

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Governance not glumervance

I am for good DC governance but I am not for DC glumervance. Glumervance is “glum governance” as preached by the puritan new model trustee. This is how on trustee firm explained the new measures for savers in the DWP Command Paper “the … Continue reading

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It’s a phoney war- what’s happening on the other side of the Channel?

I am still surprised how people are organising themselves to do their jobs. You’d have thought that the accountants and book-keepers who provide financial stability, get people paid and manage the tax affairs of Britain’s 1.25m employers would be the … Continue reading

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Time for an upgrade?

The fireworks came from the Treasury but amidst the noise and smoke, the DWP’s Command Paper, poses some challenges for many of the 10,000 employers who’ve staged auto-enrolment. By April 2015, we can expect workplace pensions qualifying to be used … Continue reading

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The Pension Play Pen lunch gives a thumbs up for the new Annuity Framework

A victim of Osborne’s success We were a victim of George’s success on Monday (7th April) as nearly 40 of us spilled out of the gallery room and occupied most of the Counting House’s second floor! Handing over £500 in cash … Continue reading

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Research shock- employers do care about the pensions they provide their staff

“Selecting the right pension scheme for auto enrolment is important and has long term implications for employees. Taking time to review the options that are available in the market is sensible and planning ahead will help to keep stress levels … Continue reading

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Putting financial bloggers in their place

    Yesterday was interesting. I was shortlisted for Pensions Personality of the year  –  thanks to all who voted Pension Play Pen was shortlisted for technology solutions provider of the year - please vote here Another media awards event , the ABI … Continue reading

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