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Time to ditch the “institutional” from pensions

  There has always been a gulf between retail and institutional pensions. But I have never felt it so inappropriate . Retail pensions were sold on commission, organised by insurance company and regulated by the Treasury via the FCA and its … Continue reading

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Note to @stevewebb1 – My Pot can follow me to CDC.

John Ralfe, at a City seminar claimed there was no appetite for CDC either among employers or among members of pension schemes. Well I disagree; the people I talk to who are not in pensions say they want change- new … Continue reading

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Providers cherry picking pension customers? Whatever next!

Money Marketing is reporting that insurers are cherry picking the workplace pensions they take on . That this is news says a lot for the appalling lack of underwriting applied by insurers to the pricing of new business in this market over … Continue reading

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The internet of pensions

A group of teccies have come together to make the internet of things happen. This is from their press release The Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) is focused on defining a common communications framework based on industry standard technologies to wirelessly connect … Continue reading

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Carry on nudging!

We may just have been nudged. We’ve been getting  interested in salary sacrifice. We have been building a salary sacrifice modeller into the workforce assessment tool on http://www.pensionplaypen.com by popular demand. Initially I had thought  salary sacrifice was benefiting employers but … Continue reading

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Pension PlayPen overall winner at IMAIA 2014!

  We do “new”, not because old is wrong but because new is where the future is. So we entered the IMAIA this year at the behest of our friend and mentor Jenny Davidson, the new Reward Director at Talk … Continue reading

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The great pensions rotation

“Everything dies honey that’s a fact, and everything that dies some day comes back” – Bruce Springsteen DB died the day they guaranteed indexation. DA will be born the day they take that guarantee away. Ring out the old, ring … Continue reading

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Business relies on transparency – it’s time platform managers come clean

General principles Buying low and selling higher is the basis of all commerce. Intelligent purchasers seek to cut out intermediaries to buy direct. Smart intermediaries use their financial muscle to bulk-purchase, getting a better price than a single purchaser can … Continue reading

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Mind the gap – who’ll be supplying to auto-enrolment in years to come?

Introduction This article is a summary of a presentation given to the Friends of Automatic Enrolment on 19th June. The FAoE had been privileged to have Steve Webb present and engage fully with the audience. Unfortunately he just missed this … Continue reading

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A buyers guide to auto-enrolment software

Some initial thoughts Auto-enrolment software exists to automate the processes your company needs to establish to stage and maintain auto-enrolment. For most employers it is another payroll headache (along with RTI) that needs a purchased solution. Normally companies purchase on … Continue reading

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