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“The re-nationalisation of pensions”

Who pays? – Scheme Pays! Buried deep in the technical pages of HMRC’s pension regulations is reference to a breezy topic “Scheme Pays“. “Scheme Pays” allows an occupational pension scheme to pay a member’s tax bill where the member has … Continue reading

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50 shades of “Workie”.

Are all Workplace Pensions the same? Can we distinguish one “Workie” from another? Are all Workies equal – or are some Workies more equal than another? For those not familiar with the adverts- Workie is a Technicolor creature, designed by … Continue reading

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Choosing our “Workie”- how hard can we make it?

This week and for weeks to come , I am out and about talking with the payroll partners of large accountancy practices who feel they have no choice but to help their employer clients through auto-enrolment. I’m doing this work … Continue reading

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The Nigella Lawson of workplace pensions

I met Hayley Jaggers at a recent Capacity Crunch Conference and linked in with her. We agreed to meet at our Tonbridge offices and we had a business meeting yesterday. She has re-defined my expectation of what can be achieved … Continue reading

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Pensioning high-earners;- the nightmare deepens

We’ve known about the problems for high earners losing their pension  lifetime allowance protection for some time. They now have an exemption from auto-enrolment if their employer knows that enrolment would jeopardise their tax privileges in retirement. But now there’s … Continue reading

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Making auto-enrolment rather more fun! QTAC,tPR and Pension PlayPen by the sea

The business of learning is seldom made much fun, at least in adult circles. Children are more sensible about this and make games of education. Recently, we’ve embarked on a round Britain road trip to talk about how auto-enrolment might … Continue reading

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Pro Bono – remember that? Hat’s off to ICPA and QTAC

I’ve been blogging recently about failure The failure of the Investment Association to align itself with the interests of its ultimate customers- consumers The failure of the NAPF to engage with employers not in the club (namely the 1.8 m … Continue reading

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Pension’s pain is payroll’s gain!

The 25th November is likely to be another red letter day for pensions. The consultation on the way tax relief is paid to those contributing to pensions ended on September 30th and we understand that three options are still under … Continue reading

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“Two nation pensions” – why I can’t make the NAPF this week

  There are a number of reasons why I can’t make the NAPF Conference this week I have to talk to accountants , payroll managers and finance directors in London, Birmingham and Slough The conference now costs too much for … Continue reading

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#APPC15 Why Payroll needs to manage Pensions.

This is an edited version of the keynote speech I delivered to the CIPP conference this morning (October 7th 2015). I blog as the Pension Plowman,  and my blog is called the vision of the Pension Plowman. You might think … Continue reading

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