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No small company should spend 103 man days on pensions!

Paul Foot of Sage is right to point to research carried out by the London Business School that concluded that 103 man days were being devoted to auto-enrolment by companies staging in 2013. I don’t know how you account for … Continue reading

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A buyers guide to auto-enrolment software

Some initial thoughts Auto-enrolment software exists to automate the processes your company needs to establish to stage and maintain auto-enrolment. For most employers it is another payroll headache (along with RTI) that needs a purchased solution. Normally companies purchase on … Continue reading

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Towards common data standards for auto-enrolment

The Chartered Institute for Payroll and Pension Professionals and their “Friends of AE” stitched me up with writing up the output of a working group comprising a lot of old’uns and a couple of delightful “young’uns”. Here, for the general enlightenment of others and the … Continue reading

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Standard Life comes up trumps

Four years ago I sat in a crowded room in the DWP’s offices, to hear insurer after insurer refuse to commit to providing a service to small and medium sized companies, let alone the micro employers of which there are … Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s heroes; these are the folk who will solve the AE Capacity crunch

  We’ve been doing some planning at Pension PlayPen towers . Most of our thinking is concentrated on this graph. We predict the capacity crunch at April 2015 which is the point when demand for auto-enrolment services and workplace pensions … Continue reading

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Why bloggers won’t replace journalists

She gets the aggregates and cements, mixes the concrete , lays it and sells the building! Continue reading

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“This Monty Python – is he one of ours?”

There hasn’t been much of the Thatcher tribute Tsunami that I’ll remember, the eulogies are self-serving, the future’s more interesting than the past. But the story of the speech writer trying to explain the “dead parrot” sketch to Thatcher is … Continue reading

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Paying as you earn; the best way to save

Monday will see the start of the benefits changes that will climax in the full introduction of the Universal Credit in a year’s time. This is not an article about these changes. But it takes it kicks off from a brilliant … Continue reading

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How Payroll won friends and influenced Government

Hats off to the journalists, thought leaders , practitioners and trade representatives who worked together for good. In a couple of weeks they created a framework for change Continue reading

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Lord make AE simple – but not yet!

The title refers to Augustine’s prayer “lord make me chaste, but not yet”. It came to mind as I read concern from “industry spokespeople” over the DWP’s announcement to simplify the Auto-Enrolment regulations in time for the staging of the … Continue reading

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