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A message to 1.2m employers who aren’t reading (yet)!

We are in danger of letting the cost of auto-enrolment exceed its value Continue reading

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Get up! Stand up! For your pension rights!

Governance on these schemes cannot be imposed by Government, it needs to happen organically – bottom up. Continue reading

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No learning without doing!

NOTHING that’s precisely how much it will cost you to get an excellent pension plan at less than half the cost of a stakeholder pension. Continue reading

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The pension zeitgeist

The real lessons to be learned come from what people do , not just what they say; but we can start by listening to the pensions Zeitgeist Continue reading

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Primavera for the pension playpen

This site will not be for pension people, it will be for people interested in pensions Continue reading

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The problem with actuaries

The closest most actuaries get to the beneficiaries of pensions is behind a one way mirror watching a focus group arranged by a marketing company. Continue reading

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There’s a lot we can learn from town planning

Many towns around the western world started out as Roman garrisons. Primitive stockades gave way to fortified settlements which attracted local residents who set up communities outside the fort’s walls. In time, the communities became protected by the Romans and the distinctions … Continue reading

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“Comply or explain” – will “bottom up” regulation work for pensions?

“Comply or Explain” is a phrase that crept into the “corporate governance” lexicon after the 1992 Cadbury report. The idea’s that rather than demand compliance with Government standards, regulators give companies the option to comply or explain why they haven’t. … Continue reading

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Who invited banks into schools?

What do the FT, Vivi Friedgut and Martin Lewis have in common? Answer; a common wish to keep banks out of schools! Why have I posted that stupid photo to this blog? Answer; because it demonstrates comparable imbecility of allowing banks … Continue reading

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Savers put themselves first!

A happy result of dissing Michael Johnson’s attacks on pension saving early in the week was that I got a copy of his paper “Put the saver first” direct from the great man. He calls up the spirit of Ron Sandler- … Continue reading

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