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Pension PlayPen respond to FCA on IGCs and DC Governance

This is less of a blog – more of an epic! If you want to have a go yourself, the link is to http://www.fca.org.uk/your-fca/documents/consultation-papers/cp14-16-response-form   The Pension PlayPen’s response was submitted online and this text is what we got back … Continue reading

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The FCA and Social Media (Canute II)

  The FCA have set out their policy on social media which concentrates on the use of Twitter. It is worth a read, if only to establish why the supervision of the internet is as feasible as Canute’s supervision of the … Continue reading

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A week on the river

  This is a photoblog of our five days aboard Lady Lucy for Henley 2014. If you have any photos when you were with us or took photos (like Alex O’Loughlin) from the bank- please send them in. Henley Royal … Continue reading

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Do I need a TV anymore?

    Other than for the prurience of watching Tina’s come uppance on Corrie. I have not engaged with terrestrial TV for some time. Phone and laptop in hand I have found all I needed on the Monaco Grand Prix, … Continue reading

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The best fans in the land – #ytfc

In characteristically generous fashion, Yeovil Town  applauded the 2000 travelling Burnley fans at last week’s game at the Huish both at the ground and on twitter afterwards. They were generally acknowledged the loudest we’ve had all season and we are … Continue reading

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Humankind cannot stand too much reality.

TS Eliot was right as the game-makers King have proved with their addictive smart phone and Facebook app Candy Crunch. Candy Crunch is a game that involves wiping out rows of candy shaped icons from a screen. Wipe enough and … Continue reading

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How safe is my pension?

This is one of the five most commonly asked questions I’ve been asked in my time advising members of workplace pensions in the past 25 years. In that time I have only advised on one scheme where members lost their … Continue reading

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All you never wanted to know about that Pension PlayPen GPP

What are you on about now? http://www.pensionplaypen.com is a website set up to help Britain’s 1.2m employers work out auto-enrolment, adapt their existing workplace pension or get a new one and manage “auto-enrolment for life not just for staging”. As it’s the … Continue reading

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The Facebook timeline – a teenage diary.

Facebook gives kids the space to learn who they are without the intrusion of unwanted authority. Parents, teachers, coaches and big brothers take note Continue reading

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There’s a lot we can learn from town planning

Many towns around the western world started out as Roman garrisons. Primitive stockades gave way to fortified settlements which attracted local residents who set up communities outside the fort’s walls. In time, the communities became protected by the Romans and the distinctions … Continue reading

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