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Don’t you -forget about DB – guest blog from the TUC

This blog is written by Tim Sharp of the  TUC, thanks to Hilary Salt for pointing it out and for Tim and the TUC for allowing us to republish it! It is easy to overlook defined benefit (DB) pension schemes … Continue reading

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The Pension Industry cannot serve two masters

Pensions are at a crossroads. For 30 years they have been travelling in the direction of the financial services and we could continue that direction of travel. We could turn left and go Dutch or turn right and adopt the American … Continue reading

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Heavyweight support for CDC – the Dutchmen strike back!

I sit and watch; – like 1.2m other employers, I just want to see the money I pay into a workplace pension generate the best outcomes it can. Continue reading

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Debunking the RSA myth that Dutch CDC provide better outcomes

I’ve received this open letter from John Lawson (he of Aviva) which I print in full. Dear Henry, I have mentioned before the folly of relying on the RSA for any rigorous analysis. The RSA is a political construct, not a … Continue reading

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Those Dutch Pensions – a Civil Servant writes

I get some feedback on my blogs from people I know who don’t want to or aren’t allowed to go public. Here’s an example from a formidable figure and a personal friend (who I know/hope has the skin or a rhino … Continue reading

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Those Dutch pension cuts in full!

Final figures from the Dutch central bank DNB show a total of 66 Dutch pension funds have been forced to curtail pensions due to funding shortfalls. Continue reading

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“What’s expensive for a pension these days?”

Most UK pension people may still agree with you and see 0.9% as cheap but not me. It might have been cheap in 2000 and it certainly isn’t today! Continue reading

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Why I’m a grumpy pension old man!

The day I wrote this I was off to Wakefield to be filmed as a grumpy old man. The results of this filming can be viewed on you tube here Stanley Matthews was still playing professional football at an older … Continue reading

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Abusing the voice of the people – a call for better pensions

Evangelists of social media cite the wisdom of the crowd. But wisdom and gullibility are two sides of the same coin and  those who marvel at the capacity of groups to congregate around their chosen solutions, demonize their herd mentality when the crowd looks elsewhere. “Vox … Continue reading

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