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The value of the triple-lock,

No doubt there will be many commentators who will sneer at this promise of Cameron’s. I will not be one of them. Continue reading

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It’s a “no” to that Royal Charter from the Plowman

In case you are wondering, the views of the pension plowman are not necessarily those of First Actuarial and quite often aren’t. Continue reading

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Why I’m a grumpy pension old man!

The day I wrote this I was off to Wakefield to be filmed as a grumpy old man. The results of this filming can be viewed on you tube here Stanley Matthews was still playing professional football at an older … Continue reading

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Can Britain afford Proper Pensions? Play Pen Lunch 01/10/12

The discussion focussed on the question “can Britain afford proper pensions” which broke into three questions. 1  What makes a pension proper? 2. What is the true price of funding for pensions? 3. What are the consequences of not pre-funding … Continue reading

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“Good Retirement Outcomes ” – pension babble?

My friend David Harris got the great, the good and me in an upstairs room in Benjamin Franklin’s old house in Craven Street last night. We discussed what pensions would be like in 2020, my ideas are on this blog … Continue reading

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“Pensions that are no more”

Cardinal O’Brien Scotland‘s most senior Catholic, has been very specific in his comments on social inequality. Ostensibly they are aimed at David Cameron, but if the pensions industry think they are absolved, they should think again. (Cardinal O’Brien) said: “When I say poor, I don’t … Continue reading

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Steve Webb needs hard cash for his defined ambitions.

Steve Webb needs more than “ambition” to sort out disillusion with pensions. Continue reading

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Rising to Beecroft’s challenge- can we make pensions work for micro-employers?

Scanning the Pension Press as one does when having breakfast these days, I came across an excellent piece of reporting on Pension Insight (fast becoming one of  the best on-line pension publications). New laws are to be introduced which will … Continue reading

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Who is Christopher Robin?

The act of reading these stories and poems is to step into Christopher Robin’s shoes and embrace a vlue system that has driven the governing class of Britian for two hundred years. You should try it sometime- it really is scary!
Continue reading

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What to do with pension trustees

The skills, the committment and the experience of trustees is undoubted. They are a resource that is given for free for the good of all. IF David Cameron’s Big Society is expressed anywhere it is in the noble behaviour of these people, whether CEOs, shop stewards or ordinary members. Continue reading

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