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If it’s worth having- let’s have it now!

News travels fast on the web but the news that it’s taken the BBC 5 years to work out that a lot of the technology they’d blown £100m on is available today for free, clearly travelled slowly. If a technology … Continue reading

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Starting a company

Thanks to twitter and in particular Rory Cellan-Jones, the BBC’s ace technology commentator for finding this piece . Rory talks of the “constant, daily upheaval of emotions” of anyone who starts a company Millions of people start companies and few … Continue reading

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Beeb forces closure of offshore payroll loophole

A good news story all round (except for the man and the goat on Sark). Continue reading

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Digital accountability – a terrible beauty is born

An interesting comment from my mother “Jimmy Savile would not have got away with it today.” This from an 80 year old who observes the digital age with detached amusement but understands that the behaviour of a celebrity is now governed … Continue reading

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I’m so bored with the U-S-A!

There’s nothing like a bad loser – this from the guys who gave us the Atlanta and  Los Angeles fiascos!   LONDON — Be careful if you run into Brits for the next little while: They’re under a spell.  Specifically, they … Continue reading

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Why we mustn’t let the Royal Mail “pension solution” become a precedent

In Pension Age’s May edition, Paddy Briggs argued that the member’s best interests were not being served by the Government’s “sequestration” of the assets of the Royal Mail’s pension fund. Roger Turner produced a cogent riposte in your July/August issue … Continue reading

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The incredible day

Everyone in Britain yesterday today will have been touched in some way by the Olympics. Like the opening ceremony, the events that unfurled last night in the Olympic Stadium were dream-like. Watch the action in the BBC’s brilliant video montage … Continue reading

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40,000 Londoners get cold at the Olympic Stadium

The “London Prepares” events climaxed last night at the opening of the Olympic Stadium in Siberian Stratford last night. We came, we saw and we left early – underwhelmed by the experience. Which is a little  unfair on an event that … Continue reading

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Yeovil True – win 3-2 – the Glovers are not going down #ytfc

Last night’s 3-2 victory against Wycombe Wanderers lifts the Glovers to 18th in the league, four points out of the relegation zone. Since Gary Johnson’s arrival , and Terry Skiverton‘s retention, the Somerset community based club’s been going  from strength to strength. Read the  … Continue reading

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I came across this on mallowstreet and thought it relevent to many of the discussions on this blog. I’ve written about ethics and political philosophy all my working life, but until the last two years I did not write on … Continue reading

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