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If all you had was all you have – how long could you last? Guest blog from VIVI

When I am invited to speak with young entrepreneurs on behalf of Blackbullion I always ask them how long they could last on their savings. It really does take twice as long and cost twice as much as expected to … Continue reading

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The time to clean up drawdown’s NOW!

We owe it to ourselves as Pension Professionals to make sure that we treat our customers fairly. Over the past three years we have seen a move to restore confidence in pensions, the RDR, auto-enrolment and the pension freedoms introduced … Continue reading

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TLAs, the FCA, IGCs & TCF. WTF?

  This blog is by Ralph Frank   The financial services industry excels at producing Three Letter Acronyms (“TLAs”). One TLA that is likely to become an established part of pension lexicon is ‘IGC’. Independent Governance Committees (“IGCs”) are governance … Continue reading

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What is better than sport?- nothing (apart from one thing)

Five a side Rockets v the Incredibles. Rockets move to within three points in the Rocks Lane 5 a side league *U14* after a fab 9-4 win, Fleetwood 2 v Yeovil Town 2. YTFC give a way a 2-0 lead in … Continue reading

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Is DB Bankrupt?

Sept 2nd -St Stephens Club- Nick Spencer, GAM’s supremo makes startling assertion “DB is bankrupt” no investment strategy can return the typical DB plan to solvency. Sept 6th- Pension Playpen Lunch in Cornhill- 14 pension professionals sit down to discuss the issue over a pint … Continue reading

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The new consensus on when we can retire

It is only a matter of time for sponsors to have their Damascan moment and suggest to their trustees that a flexible retirement age is equally applicable to working practices and the payment of pensions Continue reading

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Putting clients first- First Actuarial

You can’t get people lower down the corporate food chain to “treat customers fairly” if the customers aren’t the first priority of the people at the top.

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We need to do something about annuities

There is something fundamentally wrong with the annuity market that needs to be fixed Continue reading

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The CEO and the janitor

They don’t get it, they don’t trust you, they think you are pulling the wool over their eyes. Continue reading

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Why do some workforces accept DB pension closure and some strike?

The members I spoke to …were not happy but at least they understood the corporate dilemma. It seems that over time they have reached a consensus that it is in their long-term collective interest to accept the proposed changes and move on without unrest.

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