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So what’s the point of the DC trustee?

  It’s the first rule of trusteeship- if you can’t measure it – don’t trust it. It’s the right of anyone who has their own pension pot to know how much they are paying for the management of their money. … Continue reading

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Sing if you’re “GLAD” to be grey!

If you’re old enough to recognise the reference to Tom Robinson’s 1977 gay anthem then you’re grey, bald or using restorer! Here’s Tom singing about queer bashing on “So it Goes” , complete with Japanese sub-titles (that’s the wonder of … Continue reading

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Two into one will go!

Steve Webb’s admission that we need a single regulator is a sign of his strength . It takes guts to admit you’ve been wrong for four and a half years! I’d come to the same conclusion myself reckoning;- That the geographic split between Brighton … Continue reading

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A tale of two Cities

      Have you ever turned up at a place and realised you shouldn’t be there – but stayed anyway just to see what it was like? That’s what happened to me yesterday. I went to an event about … Continue reading

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Is this Master Trust Assurance Framework fit for purpose?

There is an important debate to be had on the regulation of master trusts. That debate is about how we prevent poor standards invading what is currently a very well run part of workplace pensions. Until the past two weeks, I … Continue reading

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Small is beautiful – a good news story from Investment Solutions

Have a look at the Investment Solutions website or or – you’ll see a common thread- SMALL BUT BEAUTIFUL. Continue reading

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Has Webb scotch’d the commission snake – or killed it?

All the advisers needed to do was to make promises. They did not have to keep them. Continue reading

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The Budget – Becalmed in the middle of the lost decade!

This wasn’t really a budget about pensions and the usual scare stories about threats to pension saving proved groundless. It certainly didn’t do much for those in retirement. Continue reading

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“We grow old, we grow old” – a budget day blog

It’s budget day. I was asked to be a commentator on a budget briefing this afternoon but I’m not good on economics – more interested in nuts and bolts. All the same, it’s useful sometimes to stick your head up and … Continue reading

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The growing epidemic of stats misuse

Hilary Salt is founder of First Actuarial plc. She is currently the Actuarial Post’s Actuary of the Year. Late in 2011 she was asked to contribute a piece to the Independent’s Battle of the Ideas. This is what she wrote . Twenty years ago, … Continue reading

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