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The Vision of the Plowman

The “Vision of the Pension Plowman” is a bastardisation of the title of a 14th century english Poet (William Langland’s) great poem, “the Vision of Piers Plowman”. In this great book, the Plowman falls asleep by a stream and dreams … Continue reading

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Why bother to save? – Invest instead!

What this policy is about is getting people to invest in real assets for the best interests in society Continue reading

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Giving “pensions” back its good name!

What do we mean by Pension Governance? When we listen to a musical recording what we hear is the perfect balance between instruments achieved by expert mixing. Pensions Governance does that mixing job for your workplace pension , making sure … Continue reading

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Does this fit on your smartphone?

For a really well crafted blog , it’s hard to beat this little beauty Benedict Evans explains how in going for separate parts of the market, Apple and Samsung have carved up the global smartphone market and knocking out mighty … Continue reading

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Spammed out on linkedin?

This article is about the inane messages we get on LinkedIn, why people send them and why they’re a waste of time There are two types of messages that really frustrate me when they arrive in my LinkedIn inbox. The … Continue reading

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Club Quango at #WPL13

Government needs quangos, the Civil Service most of all. But in a strange way, I am comforted by the various Pension Institutions that are Chaired by the ageing lotharios who I collectively name “Club Quango”. At Workplace Pensions Live yesterday we were treated to a … Continue reading

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Steve Webb’s water-cooler moment

“You learn what they care about, what they understand and what they don’t. And you can join in. But what you can’t do, is take charge.” Continue reading

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The pension zeitgeist

The real lessons to be learned come from what people do , not just what they say; but we can start by listening to the pensions Zeitgeist Continue reading

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Can social media play a part in pension scheme governance?

Are the systems used to offer participating employers a say in the running of mastertrusts or contract based workplace pensions fit for today’s purpose? Continue reading

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A method to chose your workplace pension scheme.

I’d value your feedback on a scoring system we are developing which aims to provide employers with a method of rating one pension proposition against another. We want it used by employers looking to establish a new workplace scheme, and those who … Continue reading

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