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So what does a poor boy do? (Aberdeen and Parmenion)

Fund managers think of themselves as the asset managers of their clients -the investors. But lately they have found themselves serving platforms that treat funds as commodities. They have lost their primary relationship to their customers. The millennials took it … Continue reading

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When cheap is not cheerful – Boris Bikes and uncapped liabilities.

  Boris Bikes are wonderful. For £90 a year you can hurtle around the streets of London on the cycling equivalent of a Sherman Tank. All you have to remember is to dock your bike at the end of your … Continue reading

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Will auto-enrolment capacity get crunched?

  Today is the day of the Friends of Auto-Enrolment Capacity Crunch Conference which takes place in PWC’s offices at Charing Cross. The big debates of the day will be about Whether there will be a capacity crunch either in … Continue reading

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What are you trying to achieve, Chancellor – guest blog from Ralph Frank

The Government’s current consultation on “strengthening the incentive to save” seems to be missing some key background information around what the Government is trying to achieve.  The Consultation seeks to “encourage people to save enough during their working lives to … Continue reading

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I know what to do- I just want help! Equities, volatility and dividends.

  The unconventional, but inescapable, conclusion to be drawn from the past fifty years is that it has been far safer to invest in a diversified collection of American businesses than to invest in securities – Treasuries, for example – … Continue reading

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Pricing your auto-enrolment service

This article is for the advisers to small employers who are considering offering an auto-enrolment service, both to help the employer get started and to keep the employer compliant in months and years to come. Of all the considerations, pricing … Continue reading

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Putting people at the centre of the investment decision: Implications for Private Pension

This article has been sent me by Per Andelius, a tireless correspondent who tries to educate me (and others) in what matters in investing. Although this article is difficult and contains one quote by Markus Schuller which re-defines gobble de gook … Continue reading

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Don’t be daunted – it’s not hard (or expensive) to choose the best workplace pension for your staff

If you are a boss, or act for a boss as an accountant, financial adviser or payroll manager, you may be getting worried about auto-enrolment. You’ve probably had your little brown envelope from the Pension Regulator telling you that you … Continue reading

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Carfest South – your chance to wear those wellies

  They’ve been lying in the back of the cupboard since you bought them. They made you feel so young- they made you feel like spring had sprung. But you never made it to (let alone through) the Glastonbury ticket … Continue reading

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IFAs take the lead in sorting the transfer blockage.

  BIG THINKING Two things I’m really looking forward to in September are threesixty’s two “Big Thinking Days”. One’s in Edinburgh and one’s in London and if you’re going, you;re in for a treat. Threesixty are a pretty pucker outfit (IMO) and … Continue reading

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