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Why are we not talking about our pensions? Guest blog from Ryan Smith

On 6 April 2015, brand new rules that affect the way UK retirees can access their pension will come into effect. To assist people in generating their retirement income the government has guaranteed free guidance to all retirees, yet a … Continue reading

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Pension transfers – are they worth it?

Britain is in great need of advice on transfers between one pension and another. This doesn’t just mean transfers from defined benefit schemes to defined contribution schemes, it means support in transferring pot to pot transfers for DC arrangements. Unless … Continue reading

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First Actuarial party ; the photos you wish I’d deleted

“Judge advisers by advice , love them for their parties” That’s what I say, or would say if it weren’t for the pain in my head from last night’s First Actuarial Party. Thanks to Angela Sutherland and all our friends … Continue reading

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Cheap & cheerful might turn out to be expensive & miserable (guest blog from Ralph Frank)

    There has been much debate in recent times about the amount of effort employers should be putting into the selection of pension arrangements for their staff. The one extreme holds that employers are not pension experts nor do … Continue reading

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Why DB pension promises may need a credit rating.

How do you rate the creditworthiness of your scheme’s funding? Trustees of defined benefit schemes now have to properly assess the employer’s ability (and willingness) to fund the promises made to the members of the scheme. The assessment helps them in negotiations with the … Continue reading

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Turning auto-enrolment information into knowledge

I  spend far too much of my life on the Pension Regulator’s website trying to narrow the information available to make people knowledgeable. It isn’t easy. ENGAGE  <iframe src=”//” height=”0″ width=”0″ style=”display:none;visibility:hidden”></iframe> From the moment you hit the site you … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about risk – trustees, let’s talk about you and me..

Members cannot take exercise freedoms on pensions in payment so the decision to draw a DB pension is as irreversible as buying an annuity. Trustees need to make their members knowledgeable about their options. Continue reading

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Why it’s harder to get knowledge than information

  Digital Guidance supports people taking tough decisions but it cannot take those decisions for them. Even when a decision is taken not to do something – like not to choose an investment strategy or pay voluntary contributions, people feel … Continue reading

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The Pension PlayPen guide to your pension freedoms

From April the unpopular tax rules that meant most people had to buy an annuity will change. Pensions are having a makeover which will give you better choices and more freedom. But to take advantage of this makeover, you need … Continue reading

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Let my money go!

  I woke up to news that the Pension Play Pen RBS bank account can now be accessed by my iphone using fingertip security. Apparently mobile technology has outwitted clunky old pc technology which makes my thumb all that stands between … Continue reading

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