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Three old farts on DC regulation

            John Reeve, whose previous comments on DC I have dismissed as the “wittering of an out of touch actuary”, has written a telling comment on mallowstreet. I’m sure he won’t mind me re-publishing it … Continue reading

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The Pension Regulator explodes ten common myths about auto-enrolment (slideshow)

  TPR_DM_n2842893_v1B_FoAE_TPR_July_2014_Common_Myths The Pension Regulator’s auto-enrolment team is excellent. Thanks to a Friend of Auto-Enrolment, Neil Esslemont, for these excellent slides which are a must read for anyone advising on or staging  

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“Who’s the we?” – a blog about advice and guidance

On Sunday I wrote a blog about the ten things I wanted to see in the Government’s response to the Consultation it’s been running following the retirement reforms announced in the budget. You can read it here. As we’re ten out … Continue reading

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What are your CDC property rights?

Some pension promises are easy to value If I promise to pay you a monthly amount over the next five years, it is fairly easy to work out the value of that promise. At it’s simplest level the value is … Continue reading

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What employers want to help them choose their pension.

The Pension Regulator has commissioned some research on what small employers want from pensions. I can share with you some of the key findings “48% of small and 79% of micro employers currently have no pension scheme so will have … Continue reading

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……we have a problem, Brighton.

Every so often we get asked questions by  people to whom the answers really matter. I’ll leave you to guess who might be asking these ones!     a)Is there really a problem for unadvised small and micro employers to … Continue reading

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Note to @stevewebb1 – My Pot can follow me to CDC.

John Ralfe, at a City seminar claimed there was no appetite for CDC either among employers or among members of pension schemes. Well I disagree; the people I talk to who are not in pensions say they want change- new … Continue reading

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Ros Altmann’s presentation on the merits of employing #olderworkers

14 Jul 14 – Fuller Working Lives: Announcing the new Business Champion for Older Workers. A joint ILC-UK/DWP event hosted by Legal & General from ILC- UK   According to Office for National Statistics estimates, in the next 10 years … Continue reading

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Male, Pale and Stale – in your face!

I’m not having this demonisation of William Hague, who is leaving office today at the ripe “old”age of 53. Hague is a top man and a voice of sanity in a UKIPutous world He is leaving Government so that “Dave” Cameron … Continue reading

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Ros Altmann to be the over 50s

  News from the Sunday Times via @paullewismoney  reports that Ros Altmann is to be our (eg those over 50) new work tsar. This I take to be good news. Ros Altmann to be named Government's champion for older workers … Continue reading

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