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“Open Government isn’t an idea, it’s an action”

When you walk into the DWP’s offices in Westminster, you are greeted with a montage of Male, Pale and Stale mug-shots of politicians and permanent secretaries who are the DWP’s big wigs. Very 1980s – very Sir Humphrey! But that’s … Continue reading

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We must party – it’s in our DNA!

Tonight it’s the Pension Play Pen party and well over 100 people have put their name on the guest list! If you haven’t worry not- there are still several hours to tell us you’re coming and heh! -mention you read … Continue reading

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Three Auto-Enrolment campaigns you must follow

Some are born great and some have greatness thrust upon them  (Malvolio- 12th night) Well even the pompous idiot Malvolio in Shakespeare’s 12th night would not recognise my promotion to “national campaigns manager” for the Friends of Auto-Enrolment as “greatness” … Continue reading

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Making a buyer’s market for pensions

Organisations such as Which have always charged a subscription for their research. Those prepared to pay a regular monthly amount built libraries of reports which help us purchase everything from groceries to credit cards. Which put its readers in control- … Continue reading

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Freddy Flumper gets savvy!

  It’s been some days since I’ve reported on the fabulous Freddy Flumper -“fabulous” in the sense that I lives only in the fable on this blog. For anyone who missed the instructive fable of Freddy and Tony Lamborghini , … Continue reading

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Please don’t discourage saving (guest blog from Ralph Frank)

  The Department for Work and Pensions (“DWP”) recently released its latest “scenario analysis of future pension incomes” (the “Analysis”). A key finding of the Analysis is that the proportion of people under-saving for retirement increases as income rises. Part … Continue reading

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11 tips for advisers planning for April ’15

  It’s been four months since the Budget and the aftershocks of George’s pension bombshell are still being fealt. One by one, the policy decisions which will shape the way advice and guidance will be delivered, are falling into place. … Continue reading

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The Mansion on the hill (that no one visits).

  I bumped into some friends at the DWP this week. They were waiting to talk to some civil servants about Defined Ambition (and especially about CDC, they were actuaries). I was going to see the workplace pensions team about … Continue reading

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One million employers buying pensions in the dark.

I am comfortable with the interventions by Government in the sales side of workplace pensions. The DWP’s minimum standards legislation is progressing well and we look forward to seeing some secondary legislation in September. The Treasury’s work transforming the choices … Continue reading

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The FCA and Social Media (Canute II)

  The FCA have set out their policy on social media which concentrates on the use of Twitter. It is worth a read, if only to establish why the supervision of the internet is as feasible as Canute’s supervision of the … Continue reading

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