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How do you like Pension PlayPen’s pitch

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Why employers pay no attention to the pension

Darren Say has written a very contentious article that you can read here Darren opens by repeating three statements on pensions …employers don’t want world class pensions, they just want the problem to comply with AE legislation to be taken off … Continue reading

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Why can’t we know what we pay for “fund management”?

We have the right to know what we are paying for funds. The cost of a fund can best be defined as the difference between what you would have received from a theoretical return on the assets in the fund … Continue reading

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Tis’ the season to get merry! Pension Play Pen Parties tonight!

  Deck the halls with bells and Holly! Fancy a Carol this Christmas? BEHAVE! Holly and Carol have a particularly hard time at this time . They are decked and sung and  the butt of too many gags. All the best jobs go to … Continue reading

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Going for the “no”.

  I spent yesterday lunchtime in the challenging company of Saul Djanogly , a Rabbi who looks after investment portfolios for those who can’t look after themselves- typically those who have been incapacitated through personal tragedy and find themselves in … Continue reading

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The true cost of pensions; UK vs Netherlands – guest blog from Emma Craig of KAS Bank

  Yesterday the Financial Services Consumer Panel released a paper outlining key issues for long term savers created by opacity in the true cost of investing in pensions. As auto-enrolment of workers into (predominantly) Defined Contribution pensions continues apace the … Continue reading

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Cass calls on fund managers to be paid on results.

    Dr Nick Motson of Cass Business School has issued another broadside at the funds industry who have been dilatory at best in responding to consumer pressure to better align its fees to the value it brings to consumers. … Continue reading

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Does Generation X really trust the Internet?

  I laugh at my Mum who goes to Shaftesbury library to find out what to do. She’s 84 and you’d have thought she’d have learned how to use an iphone by now. I mean my 17 year old kid … Continue reading

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There’s no silver bullet, to beat the DC blues!

There is no silver bullet The way that investment consultants talk about DC, you’d still think there is some silver bullet waiting to be loaded into the gun, to shoot away the DC blues. The DC blues cannot be cured … Continue reading

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The fine line between “patronising” and “paternal”.

Last week Tom Mcphail (Hargreaves Lansdown) had a go at Teresa Fritz (financial Services Consumer Council and MAS) about the need for advice. You’d expect the two to clash, FSCS and MAS are not much loved by advisers who see it as an incompetent … Continue reading

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