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How do you like Pension PlayPen’s pitch

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“Investing for the long-term” – guest blog from Ralph Frank

The Financial Services Consumer Panel (“FSCP”) recently published a number of suggested options for reform of the governance, disclosure and pricing of investment products.  These options were based on the findings of two studies, one by Rajiv Jaitly and the … Continue reading

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Pensions for start-ups – you having a laugh?

Well “no” actually! This article sets out to explain why even the youngest of companies should be planning for pensions. Pension planning isn’t top of the list for entrepreneurs, most hope their business will become their pension. But there are good … Continue reading

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“To meet the needs of those in the middle” – what pension consultancy should be about!

The Advert On Tuesday I am sitting on a panel with good friends; Otto Thoresen, author of the Thoresen report; Mathew Arends, Partner at Aon Hewitt, Duncan Buchanan president of the Society of Pension Consultants. The session will be chaired … Continue reading

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The great pension bank robbery

  I give 2 ½ cheers George’s pension package, the “½” being for the complex misrepresented “death-tax” changes which are regressive, complicated and could easily have been dealt with using inheritance tax legislation already in place. I give no cheers … Continue reading

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Pension PlayPen wins 7 and is shortlisted for a further 9 awards

For the second year running, Pension PlayPen has been short-listed for the Payroll World Technology Award. Pension Play Pen has also been shortlisted for the small schemes auto-enrolment implementation award. These nominations come on the back of Henry Tapper, Pension … Continue reading

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Making sense of the Budget’s Pension Changes

Everyone knows that the changes in the taxation of pensions announced in the budget and now working their way into law – are going to make a big difference. But just how will they affect you and what can you … Continue reading

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How much should I spend on retirement?

People get frightened by this question – they shouldn’t! The simple answer is that we all pay into a national pension scheme through national insurance and you can find out what you’re likely to get from the State we completing … Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment – matching payrolls to pensions.

The big payroll/pension issue There are, according to one payroll software development we have spoken to, 42 separate interfaces between payroll and HR and the various workplace pension providers. Not all payrolls are prepared to build processes to accommodate each … Continue reading

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What payroll can do to keep away the loan sharks.

We all know the sharks that swim in financial waters preying on the weakest and driving them and their families into deeper debt with all the social and health problems that “deep debt” brings. And I’m sure that if it … Continue reading

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