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It’s only human nature after all!

  It’s natural for us to crave money but we are not natural money saving experts. Debate has raged on this blog and on the Pension Play Pen group pages as to whether Pensions Wise is doomed along with the … Continue reading

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Haven’t employers done their bit?

Employers have a right to feel put upon. I hear that the Pensions Minister is disappointed that large employers are not interested in delivering pension freedoms to retiring staff. If he believed that employers were prepared to take on responsibility … Continue reading

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The true cost of pensions; UK vs Netherlands – guest blog from Emma Craig of KAS Bank

  Yesterday the Financial Services Consumer Panel released a paper outlining key issues for long term savers created by opacity in the true cost of investing in pensions. As auto-enrolment of workers into (predominantly) Defined Contribution pensions continues apace the … Continue reading

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Straight talking from the IMA on charges?

  In one of the least incisive video interviews I’ve seen this year, here’s Ian Smith of Pensions Week quizzing Jonathan Lipkin- IMA Director of Public Policy Decision- on how the IMA and its members are facing up to the … Continue reading

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“What we need and what we want” – financial education in schools

  Many congratulations to Tracey Bleakley and all at pfeg for getting personal finance onto the national curriculum from today. Speaking on Wake Up To Money this morning, Tracey was asked what the one piece of financial advice she’d give to those in her … Continue reading

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Sign up for The First Actuarial Monkey League -2014 !

  You can save yourself reading 644 words of Pension Plowman pontification and sign up for the Monkey League here. Or you can read the blog and take your decisions at the end.   Here’s why I’m promoting our Monkey … Continue reading

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How retirement products evolve (and revolve).

  There are three drivers that shape the evolution of financial products – supply, demand and Government intervention. Between the mid 80s and today Britain has seen a Financial Services Revolution that has been no less dramatic than the agrarian … Continue reading

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“Who’s on our side?”

  I’m having dinner with TV educationalist Alvin Hall, a man almost as well know for being attacked by ostriches as for his charismatic TV appearances. Looking through the list of other guests at the supper I reckon they represent … Continue reading

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This country needs a proper debate about old age

Do we understand  how people want to get paid in retirement? Yesterday I wrote about the American 401K system and the risks taken by people who become too cautious as they become older. The value judgements implicit in the report … Continue reading

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As for saving- our kids could be teaching us!

  The punters just do not want what the pensions industry is trying to sell them   These are the words of the financial editor of the Evening Standard, Anthony Hilton. Hilton expresses his frustration not at the public but … Continue reading

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