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Why we have no time for “Banker Immunity”.

  We have not seen bankers marched in handcuffs from their desks but now it seems we might. The regulators have put-out a consultation paper that seeks to pin accountability on Directors (including non-executive Directors). A good friend of mine … Continue reading

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“What we need and what we want” – financial education in schools

  Many congratulations to Tracey Bleakley and all at pfeg for getting personal finance onto the national curriculum from today. Speaking on Wake Up To Money this morning, Tracey was asked what the one piece of financial advice she’d give to those in her … Continue reading

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A promise or a guarantee?

If Steve Webb wants AE to work, he should stop turning promises into guarantees and burdening employers with unforeseen liabilities and huge consultative and administrative costs. Continue reading

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And why these “employer duties”?

Employers do not have fourty year business plans but employees do. We call those plans “careers”. Continue reading

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Give a straight red to active member discounts

What are active member discounts (AMDs) and what’s so wrong with them? Continue reading

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How the banks try to f*ck us – and how we deal with them

It’s Sunday morning and I am reading a poem written around 1936 by Ezra Pound. It is about Usury , in this context the bad practice of the Medici Bank which Pound claimed screwed up the great artistic achievements of medieval … Continue reading

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Who’s been sleeping in my bed? Shocking stuff on stock lending.

Storage companies do not lend out your property, but fund managers do! Continue reading

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Pension agnostic?

An “agnostic” is someone who knows he cannot know and so gives up trying to find out. You hear the phrase “pension agnostic” bandied around at the moment, mainly from the providers of ancillary services that help companies auto-enrol. If you key … Continue reading

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The solid value of insurance

“The people I talk to full into one of two categories, either you’ve built up some money and want to hang onto it, or you are looking to .” That was our opening gambit when we met with prospects. I … Continue reading

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“Comply or explain” – will “bottom up” regulation work for pensions?

“Comply or Explain” is a phrase that crept into the “corporate governance” lexicon after the 1992 Cadbury report. The idea’s that rather than demand compliance with Government standards, regulators give companies the option to comply or explain why they haven’t. … Continue reading

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