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George Osborne ate my pension – a blog by Hilary Salt

This is a blog written on Hilary Salt’s Facebook page which everyone should read. They aren’t my views and I don’t agree with a lot of what Hilary is saying, but this is the first coherently argued position I have … Continue reading

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All the right funds- not necessarily in the right order (a budget prescient blog)

  I wrote this blog hours before the budget which abolished annuities. For some reason I decided this morning, to write about investment as if annuities didn’t exist. From 2015, for new pensioners- they will no longer be the default, … Continue reading

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A race to the top?

We will not get this problem sorted out in a meeting room in the DWP, though the DWP can clear the decks and allow us to operate with a clean sheet of paper. Continue reading

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DA should be at top of the agenda – and it isn’t.

I have been reading the Government’s Defined Ambition paper again. Many might ask “what’s the point?”. The point is this; DC is broken and needs fixing, DB is broken and needs fixing, DA is the answer, but so far the consultation … Continue reading

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Why insurers, not pension schemes, have taken the infrastructure challenge

The announcement this morning of  the National Infrastructure Plan (NIP) includes the government selling off its 40% stake in the Eurostar rail service. In all, about £375bn of investment in energy, transport, communications, and water projects is planned. You can … Continue reading

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Let’s rid us of financial carnage at retirement

I’m really interested in why pension schemes don’t provide more support. Any views out there on what the biggest barriers to providing more support than basic communication and a signpost to MAS or TPAS or Unbiased? Continue reading

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The #ashes of test cricket?

Indeed, at close to £100 a pop, test match cricket may soon be beyond the means of anyone but said consultants, the rest of us being forced to pay subs to Sky to watch the stuff. Continue reading

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Those Dutch Pensions – a Civil Servant writes

I get some feedback on my blogs from people I know who don’t want to or aren’t allowed to go public. Here’s an example from a formidable figure and a personal friend (who I know/hope has the skin or a rhino … Continue reading

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Pensions; holy grail or wholly fail?

The least we can do is to try and make life a little easier for them, than it has been for us! Continue reading

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Working for the clampdown?

“what are we going to do now?” Joe Strummer asked in 1979. Are we still working for the Clampdown? Continue reading

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