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Pension PlayPen overall winner at IMAIA 2014!

  We do “new”, not because old is wrong but because new is where the future is. So we entered the IMAIA this year at the behest of our friend and mentor Jenny Davidson, the new Reward Director at Talk … Continue reading

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The great pensions rotation

“Everything dies honey that’s a fact, and everything that dies some day comes back” – Bruce Springsteen DB died the day they guaranteed indexation. DA will be born the day they take that guarantee away. Ring out the old, ring … Continue reading

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Why Face to Face Guidance may be impossible.

  I didn’t know what to expect from the Life Planning Association, whose meeting I attended on Wednesday as a guest of Wladek Koch. What I got was an insight that makes sense of why I believe Face to Face … Continue reading

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Is this Master Trust Assurance Framework fit for purpose?

There is an important debate to be had on the regulation of master trusts. That debate is about how we prevent poor standards invading what is currently a very well run part of workplace pensions. Until the past two weeks, I … Continue reading

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Princess Margaret does it for me

Thursday night’s when the Pension Personality awards get judged. That no-one can remember who the current Pension Personality is , suggests that this is about as useful a gong as Gillingham and Shaftesbury Carnival Queen which I once entered in … Continue reading

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Pound cost ravaging

I felt like General Melchett inspecting the trenches. At the 21st Century Retirement Income Update I met a bunch of advisers who have since 2008 been trying to help clients make sense of the volatility in world markets , understand the relationship … Continue reading

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“Nest’s auto-enrolment -innit!” – “no it ain’t!”

  Auto-enrolment and NEST are synonymous to many. Hugh Pym, the BBC’s chief economic correspondent  told me he thought you could only auto-enrol into NEST and the mistake was repeated by Rachel Burden this morning on auto-enrolment. Rachel told the listeners … Continue reading

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George Osborne ate my pension – a blog by Hilary Salt

This is a blog written on Hilary Salt’s Facebook page which everyone should read. They aren’t my views and I don’t agree with a lot of what Hilary is saying, but this is the first coherently argued position I have … Continue reading

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All the right funds- not necessarily in the right order (a budget prescient blog)

  I wrote this blog hours before the budget which abolished annuities. For some reason I decided this morning, to write about investment as if annuities didn’t exist. From 2015, for new pensioners- they will no longer be the default, … Continue reading

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A race to the top?

We will not get this problem sorted out in a meeting room in the DWP, though the DWP can clear the decks and allow us to operate with a clean sheet of paper. Continue reading

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