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“Nest’s auto-enrolment -innit!” – “no it ain’t!”

  Auto-enrolment and NEST are synonymous to many. Hugh Pym, the BBC’s chief economic correspondent  told me he thought you could only auto-enrol into NEST and the mistake was repeated by Rachel Burden this morning on auto-enrolment. Rachel told the listeners … Continue reading

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Pension PlayPen response to the DWP Command Paper on Workplace Pensions

    Pension PlayPen Ltd trades as and is the leading portal through which employers access information to stage auto-enrolment. The site allows employers to assess their workforce, determine a contribution structure, apply to workplace pension providers for terms … Continue reading

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“Agency has its advantages”; using Pension PlayPen with your clients

What’s this all about? In 2014, Pension PlayPen wants to build a network of 1000 agents – people and organisations wanting to use our Choose A Pension Service to help their clients get a good workplace pension in advance of … Continue reading

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Time for an upgrade?

The fireworks came from the Treasury but amidst the noise and smoke, the DWP’s Command Paper, poses some challenges for many of the 10,000 employers who’ve staged auto-enrolment. By April 2015, we can expect workplace pensions qualifying to be used … Continue reading

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“More choice – no guidance” – the basic state pension top-up.

The basic state pension, second state pension and soon to be single state pension are annuities purchased from the State by National Insurance Contributions. With all the noise around the annuities you purchase from insurance companies, we can easily forget … Continue reading

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PQM – under new management, deserves a second chance

  News that Adrian Boulding has taken the chair at the Pension Quality Mark and that its new MD is crack Kiwi-saver Justine Tate, roused me to re-engage with a venture I had thought as much use as a chocolate … Continue reading

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Standard Life comes up trumps

Four years ago I sat in a crowded room in the DWP’s offices, to hear insurer after insurer refuse to commit to providing a service to small and medium sized companies, let alone the micro employers of which there are … Continue reading

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We have scotch’d the snake not killed it – three years to sort out hidden charges

  We have scotch’d the snake, not kill’d it: She’ll close and be herself, whilst our poor malice Remains in danger of her former tooth. Macbeth Act 3 Scene 2   Of all the vested interest groups, the fund managers … Continue reading

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A few house rules…

Once you’ve blown up the building you let the dust settle ,you announce what you’ll be putting up instead and then you build. This seems a reasonable analogy for what is happening in pension reform. The FCA are issuing invitations … Continue reading

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George Osborne ate my pension – a blog by Hilary Salt

This is a blog written on Hilary Salt’s Facebook page which everyone should read. They aren’t my views and I don’t agree with a lot of what Hilary is saying, but this is the first coherently argued position I have … Continue reading

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