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Auto-enrolment – matching payrolls to pensions.

The big payroll/pension issue There are, according to one payroll software development we have spoken to, 42 separate interfaces between payroll and HR and the various workplace pension providers. Not all payrolls are prepared to build processes to accommodate each … Continue reading

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“Retirement reforms and the Guidance Guarantee” – The Pension PlayPen’s response

This is the Pension PlayPen submission to the FCA’s consultation CP14/11 Pension PlayPen is a website dedicated to helping small employers and their advisers find good quality workplace pension plans.   It was founded in 2013 by Henry Tapper with … Continue reading

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“Value for money” key to DC Governance say FCA.

The FCA published yesterday an important consultation (CPA14/16) proposing rules for independent governance committees (IGCs). The introduction of IGCs was agreed by the ABI as part of a deal with the Office of Fair Trading that fended off insurers being referred to a more serious investigation. The main … Continue reading

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The great pensions rotation

“Everything dies honey that’s a fact, and everything that dies some day comes back” – Bruce Springsteen DB died the day they guaranteed indexation. DA will be born the day they take that guarantee away. Ring out the old, ring … Continue reading

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“We are as concerned as we can afford to be”

The DWP has now presented the draft bill that will enable Defined Ambition pensions to be set up, probably from this time in 2016.  While lawyers pour over the clauses, it’s worth considering the responses the Government received to the ideas … Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment needs common data standards!

  At a recent meeting of the CIPP’s working group “The Friends of AE”, (FoAE) concern was expressed to Pensions Minister Steve Webb that without the introduction of a common data standards, the wheels might fall off auto-enrolment. According to … Continue reading

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“Accelerators” How a student wants to embed “pensions” in Britain’s start-ups

I’ve written before about Josh Collins, a student who’s managed to get a first in mechanical engineering without sitting his  A levels (it’s hard to do exams when you are homeless from 16-18.) Josh sent me his thoughts on how … Continue reading

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Second mover advantage – UK can trump US 401(k)

    Here’s an analysis of what’s going on in yankee-doodle-land, especially with their workplace pensions. Once again I’m grateful to Per Andalus for the prompt Commentators often point to the US 401K and IRA markets as models for the UK … Continue reading

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Why Face to Face Guidance may be impossible.

  I didn’t know what to expect from the Life Planning Association, whose meeting I attended on Wednesday as a guest of Wladek Koch. What I got was an insight that makes sense of why I believe Face to Face … Continue reading

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The Queens Speech; the sausage sandwich game – for pensions!

The Pensions Reforms in the Queens Speech had been broadly flagged in the Sunday Telegraph and subsequently. Nonetheless, the inclusion of Defined Ambition Pensions (aka CDC) (aka Target Pensions) is still a major surprise and will further stretch the UK … Continue reading

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