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Meaninglessly big data.

I don’t like this infographic, it just appeared on my twitter feed to attract me to an article that would lead me to the conclusion that I was helpless and needed the assistance of some organisation to create me a … Continue reading

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What are your CDC property rights?

Some pension promises are easy to value If I promise to pay you a monthly amount over the next five years, it is fairly easy to work out the value of that promise. At it’s simplest level the value is … Continue reading

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Business relies on transparency – it’s time platform managers come clean

General principles Buying low and selling higher is the basis of all commerce. Intelligent purchasers seek to cut out intermediaries to buy direct. Smart intermediaries use their financial muscle to bulk-purchase, getting a better price than a single purchaser can … Continue reading

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“Ring out the old – ring in the new”- who will be our investment fiduciaries in retirement?

Yesterday I went to the Schroders DC Challenge conference which was all about “delivering value and certainty” to retirement savers. I left enlightened by some interesting debates and one or two talks. I’ll share with you three observations that I … Continue reading

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Princess Margaret does it for me

Thursday night’s when the Pension Personality awards get judged. That no-one can remember who the current Pension Personality is , suggests that this is about as useful a gong as Gillingham and Shaftesbury Carnival Queen which I once entered in … Continue reading

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We have scotch’d the snake not killed it – three years to sort out hidden charges

  We have scotch’d the snake, not kill’d it: She’ll close and be herself, whilst our poor malice Remains in danger of her former tooth. Macbeth Act 3 Scene 2   Of all the vested interest groups, the fund managers … Continue reading

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I’m in- who’s out?

  I’m serving up a dish which may have gone cold in your inbox or may not have reached you at all. Personally I’m not concerned about opt-out rates, even if they crept above the 9% generally advertised. That Ceridian … Continue reading

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Would you vote for the Pension PlayPen?

  When you are building a brand, you need recognition and much as we’d love to be on News at 10 every week, our brand Pension PlayPen can only become relevent if it makes lots of noise. So I spend … Continue reading

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The DWP charges wagon is firmly back on track

    The last few days has seen a number of surprise developments culminating in a proposed amendment to the Pensions Act 1993. Poor fare for a thought piece? Read on! The original proposal for a wording proposed by Lords … Continue reading

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The realpolitick of pension charges

Let’s hope that wherever this goes next, the DWP can win through and that we get protection in this important and misunderstood area of pensions finance Continue reading

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