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We need some disruption – to sort the Hard Problem

Tom Stoppard’s new play, the Hard Problem, asks whether individual consciousness (and the ideas of good and evil that go with it) can exist in a material world Continue reading

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Crushed by falling bond yields – great guest blog by Ralph Frank

Mainstream assessments of the state of investment markets tend to focus on the equity market.  The level of the FTSE 100, S&P 500, Dow and/or Nikkei is deemed to be an indicator of the health of savers’ investment portfolios and/or … Continue reading

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People seeking safety at any price?

  I was annoyed to listen to one of the Bank of England’s Chief Economists Andy Haldane tell the BBC’s Robert Peston that people were seeking safety at any price. Passing the buck on to the “cautious consumer” may play … Continue reading

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The pensions industry is far from ready for 2015.

There has been an assumption that through Guidance, Advice and revitalised Product, Britain’s lucky retirees drawing benefits from 2015 will take advantage of the new pension freedoms and things will be alright. The sharp of sight will have noticed a … Continue reading

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Why we have no time for “Banker Immunity”.

  We have not seen bankers marched in handcuffs from their desks but now it seems we might. The regulators have put-out a consultation paper that seeks to pin accountability on Directors (including non-executive Directors). A good friend of mine … Continue reading

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A tale of two Cities

      Have you ever turned up at a place and realised you shouldn’t be there – but stayed anyway just to see what it was like? That’s what happened to me yesterday. I went to an event about … Continue reading

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How retirement products evolve (and revolve).

  There are three drivers that shape the evolution of financial products – supply, demand and Government intervention. Between the mid 80s and today Britain has seen a Financial Services Revolution that has been no less dramatic than the agrarian … Continue reading

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“Accelerators” How a student wants to embed “pensions” in Britain’s start-ups

I’ve written before about Josh Collins, a student who’s managed to get a first in mechanical engineering without sitting his  A levels (it’s hard to do exams when you are homeless from 16-18.) Josh sent me his thoughts on how … Continue reading

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It’s all kicking off….

  At first the Arab Spring amazed me as random. Now I can  make sense of what happened and see how it all tied in . I’m sure the means by which people talked and events were reported added to the sense of … Continue reading

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How I want my hard-saved earnings – thoughts on a walk!

  Not many people fantasize about the letter they will get from their workplace pension provider when they get to the point they can start spending their hard- saved earnings. As I made my way around Studland Bay, Old Harry … Continue reading

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