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“How were those freedoms for you?” – Two events to help us find out!

The press offices of all the major insurers have been busy printing announcements of how they have seen a tenfold increase in enquiries about pension benefits this week. Pension Wise has been open for bookings and Michelle Cracknell and the TPAS … Continue reading

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Dissemblance and dissolution

    Britain’s most famous advert was produced by Ridley Scott for Hovis, it put my town Shaftesbury on the map for many people. A fake Hovis loaf still sits at the top of Gold Hill up which the young … Continue reading

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Knowing the “money” in “value for money”.

At last we may get to know what we really pay for the management of our funds so we can work out it it’s worth it. Continue reading

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The long walk to pension freedom

There is a walk to pension freedom – it needn’t be that long if we can get advice right. Continue reading

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How Government can ensure capacity for good pensions advice and provision

There are concerns over whether the UK has enough spare power capacity over the coming years. So to ensure the lights stay on the government is offering electricity producers a “capacity payment”, which is a payment simply for having power … Continue reading

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What should we pay for the annuity guarantee?

  The publication of the FCA’s market study on annuities has not met with much enthusiasm. Consumerists do not think it has gone far enough to punish lazy insurers. Those on the sell side find it hard to understand what … Continue reading

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The coffin slams shut on annuities – but will they stalk the night?

There was no smoking gun. Annuities hare not bad value but- through poor purchasing, they have delivered poor outcomes. This is my 20 word precis of the 100 page document which you can read for yourself here. This conclusion has not … Continue reading

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Re-energising trusteeship (for a DC world)

    My recent blog pointing out that DB trustees tend to make bad DC trustees has gone down like a lead balloon with certain DB trustees. I don’t think is surprising. The next question is whether we can find a … Continue reading

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“Investing for the long-term” – guest blog from Ralph Frank

The Financial Services Consumer Panel (“FSCP”) recently published a number of suggested options for reform of the governance, disclosure and pricing of investment products.  These options were based on the findings of two studies, one by Rajiv Jaitly and the … Continue reading

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Is there a place for digital advice in pensions?

  I spoke yesterday at the Pershing Conference in Westminster. My pal David Calfo who is managing many of the seismic changes at the University Superanuaition Scheme  spoke with me and the session was chaired by Pershing’s Gerard Wellesley. It … Continue reading

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