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Labour in a kilt? – Pensions, politics and plagiarism

The SNP’s manifesto is a pretty shameless cut and paste of labour party policy. If your hit single was covered by your biggest rival and it was they that got the royalties when it went to #1, you’d be pretty … Continue reading

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Pension salary sacrifice – how to make friends (and keep the bosses happy)!

Whether you’re an agent or working in-house processing pension payments are or will be part of your payroll duties. But are you doing all you can to make those pension payments as efficient to your employer as they can be? … Continue reading

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Unrecoverable VAT on auto-enrolment advice

Advising on the pension decision used to be VAT free. That is because of an exemption for insurance that made commission and fee based advice on commission products VAT free. But now advice on auto-enrolment and pensions does not just … Continue reading

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Scrap the LifeTime Allowance – for hard working people!

The Conservatives say they want to reward hard working people. I’d like to thing they include me in that number. They want to appoint Ros Altmann to help us educate ourselves in finances, I’d like to think I’ve been educating … Continue reading

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Does Lady Altmann get our vote?

The Guardian is reporting the Conservatives intention to elevate Ros Altmann to the House of Lords and make her minister for consumer affairs. She will not of course get our vote as she will be unelected- but she has flagrantly … Continue reading

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“Astonishing” – “yes you are”!

Nigel Farage; “astonishing!” Nicola Sturgeon; “yes you are!” Last night’s debate provided the best quip of the election so far and it came from Nicola Sturgeon who out Faraged Farage for incredulity. This of course was Cameron’s reason for not … Continue reading

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The freedom to transfer your pension benefits

The freedom to transfer pension benefits has since the 5th April been denied to millions of those with deferred pensions. If you are a member of an unfunded Government pension scheme (any scheme other than the Local Government schemes), they … Continue reading

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Advance Australia Fair!

I have never been to Australia, I should go I know, but we have Earl’s Court. My good friend Jim Hennington has recently returned to his native Oz after a few years over here teaching us some tricks on how to … Continue reading

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One week on- how was “freedom” for you?

More questions than answers The Pension PlayPen met as usual in the Counting House to discuss our experiences of Pension Freedom to date. The consensus – more questions than answers. Call volumes to the insurers have over-shadowed what the Government … Continue reading

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Probably the worst flagship tax ever?

George Osborne says his proposed tax break for high value homes is about “values”, it is no such thing. This policy is about votes. What is going on with the conservatives on tax? They have become obsessed with the “retail … Continue reading

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