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How to choose your workplace pension for your staff

The fifth of the Pension Regulator’s ten steps to staging auto-enrolment  is for an employer to choose a pension. Recent research by the OFT suggests that employers are not good at this. So they will probably need to take advice … Continue reading

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When organisations believe their own hype

The weird behaviourist thing about Volkswagon’s lack of emissional intelligence is that the “people’s car” is now disowned by its own people. Imagine how proud you must have been to work for VW, remember those proud adverts about the Golf, … Continue reading

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State Street and People’s – a lack of “emissional” intelligence?

I am not very happy that People’s Pension has chosen State Street to manage the money under its master trust. In early 2014, State Street were found guilty of over-charging a variety of pension funds and were fined by the … Continue reading

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Does “People Power” make for better pensions?

When we know nothing we take advice before deciding… Conventional wisdom tells us that advisers tell employers and employers (or their trustees) tell staff. Staff get what they’re given because bosses know better and advisers know best.   But what … Continue reading

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Thus speaks the Regulator – and TPAS too!

Some help is at hand for Britain’s SMEs and their business advisers, but there needs to be signposting to specialist advisers that can apply tPR’s guidance and offer a “definitive course of action”.   The Pension Regulator has published some … Continue reading

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So just how does pot follow member?

Steve Webb was a politician long on vision but short on execution and no vision of Webb’s was less thought through than the big idea that we should all have “one big fat pot”. So of all Webb’s pension models … Continue reading

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Is pension salary sacrifice an answer?

After the ruck created by articles in the FT and the Daily Express, I’ve heard several pension experts tell me that if we did not have employer contributions, all the issues around net-pay and relief at source would go away. … Continue reading

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85 million reasons for change! Why pension tax relief is front page news.

The Daily Express has picked up on the “loophole” caused by the increase in the nil rate band that is denying £85m of pension tax relief at source to part time workers (and the very low paid) in occupational pension … Continue reading

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“Low earners miss out on £85m pension tax relief” – and why!?

“Millions of part-time workers are being denied valuable tax-breaks on their pension contributions as government officials knowingly all low them to save into schemes that will not pay them relief they are entitled” So thundered the FT (26/09/15) and it’s … Continue reading

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The tyranny of payroll or the management of pensions?

The received idea in Government circles is that employers don’t give a toss about the pensions they set up for their clients. In a recent thread on the Pension Play Pen Linked In Group (if you aren’t a member , … Continue reading

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