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CDC- your questions answered – by legal eagles

    We’ve been waiting for a decent CDC article from the legal eagles ; thanks to Norton Rose , we now have one and  they are happy to let us share it. So here it is – minus the … Continue reading

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Sign up for The First Actuarial Monkey League -2014 !

  You can save yourself reading 644 words of Pension Plowman pontification and sign up for the Monkey League here. Or you can read the blog and take your decisions at the end.   Here’s why I’m promoting our Monkey … Continue reading

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If we can provide health screening – we can provide pension guidance

  Organising the Guidance Guarantee is a daunting task but it is no more daunting than many public welfare initiatives. Each year the NHS screens and advises millions of us on a variety of health issues. From STDs to Breast … Continue reading

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The Pension Play Pen Linked In Group

          Last week the Pension Play Pen Linked In Group passed 5000 members. The Group was set up in October 2009 as a way of bringing together people I knew in the industry around an idea … Continue reading

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How retirement products evolve (and revolve).

  There are three drivers that shape the evolution of financial products – supply, demand and Government intervention. Between the mid 80s and today Britain has seen a Financial Services Revolution that has been no less dramatic than the agrarian … Continue reading

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Time to ditch the “institutional” from pensions

  There has always been a gulf between retail and institutional pensions. But I have never felt it so inappropriate . Retail pensions were sold on commission, organised by insurance company and regulated by the Treasury via the FCA and its … Continue reading

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Three old farts on DC regulation

            John Reeve, whose previous comments on DC I have dismissed as the “wittering of an out of touch actuary”, has written a telling comment on mallowstreet. I’m sure he won’t mind me re-publishing it … Continue reading

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The Pension Regulator explodes ten common myths about auto-enrolment (slideshow)

  TPR_DM_n2842893_v1B_FoAE_TPR_July_2014_Common_Myths The Pension Regulator’s auto-enrolment team is excellent. Thanks to a Friend of Auto-Enrolment, Neil Esslemont, for these excellent slides which are a must read for anyone advising on or staging  

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“Who’s the we?” – a blog about advice and guidance

On Sunday I wrote a blog about the ten things I wanted to see in the Government’s response to the Consultation it’s been running following the retirement reforms announced in the budget. You can read it here. As we’re ten out … Continue reading

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10 things we’d see in Monday’s Guidance Guarantee!

  Tomorrow (Monday 21st July), the Government will announce how it intends to deliver the guidance guaranteed to those reaching state pension age. We want an independent process that helps people  take decisions rather than telling people what to do. We can’t … Continue reading

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