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Why I will accept your Linked In invitation!

  I came across this article on Linked In from a guy called Michael O’Donnell. It had the title “why I won’t accept your linked in invitation” which is odd, because the guy clearly will accept most people who reach … Continue reading

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It’s not just pension taxation that’s changing- products are!

Pension PlayPen’s Submission to the Parliamentary Committee reading the Pension Schemes Bill Continue reading

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Is the Chancellor the IFA’s “New Best Friend?”

    Another week, another change to the UK retirement savings environment – or at least, that’s how it feels! The latest changes to the tax regime tabled this week under the title ‘Pension Flexibility 2015’ were first published in … Continue reading

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Citizen’s Advice- the place to get pension guidance

George Osborne has announced the Citizen Advice Bureau as the delivery mechanism for face to face guidance over the new pension reforms. The Treasury announcement is here. This doesn’t come as a surprise – CAB had been after the work and … Continue reading

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“Hope I die before I get old..?”

  The quote’s from Pete Townsend and the Who’s “my generation”. It’s a brutal version of the Beatles’ “when I’m 64” but both songs are driven by the fear of getting old “will you still need, me, will you still … Continue reading

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The pensions industry is far from ready for 2015.

There has been an assumption that through Guidance, Advice and revitalised Product, Britain’s lucky retirees drawing benefits from 2015 will take advantage of the new pension freedoms and things will be alright. The sharp of sight will have noticed a … Continue reading

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The great pension bank robbery

  I give 2 ½ cheers George’s pension package, the “½” being for the complex misrepresented “death-tax” changes which are regressive, complicated and could easily have been dealt with using inheritance tax legislation already in place. I give no cheers … Continue reading

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The Pension Industry cannot serve two masters

Pensions are at a crossroads. For 30 years they have been travelling in the direction of the financial services and we could continue that direction of travel. We could turn left and go Dutch or turn right and adopt the American … Continue reading

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Pay attention to the pension

This 30 minute discussion at a recent MM Wired event is one of the few debates on pensions that we've had when discussing auto-enrolment. It worries me that for all the effort that is being put into getting payroll and … Continue reading

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