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The PPF – our great escape!

We get used to talking about the failure of the private sector to deliver proper pension outcomes. We are incensed by the shortcomings in governance that has allowed well funded local government schemes to feed the City’s insatiable need for … Continue reading

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Top ten blogs on in 2014

Here are the top ten blogs by reads on this site in 2014.   George Osborne ate my pension – a blog by Hilary Salt Why employers pay no attention to the pension DC isn’t working says Hymans Robertson- I … Continue reading

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Pension PlayPen wins AccountingWeb community award

This time last year I had never heard of Yesterday I heard that I have been named their personality of the year. I am very proud and very grateful. AccountingWEB's Community Award winners of 2014, featuring @henryhtapper @NMPatel & … Continue reading

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“Lest we forget” – can we sweep legacy under the table?

      Yesterday, I wrote about why a good chunk of the personal pensions sold before 2000 (and a few after) were poor value for customers. The pensions were sold with “a lifetime of advice inside”, scandalously, the advice … Continue reading

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If all you had was all you have – how long could you last? Guest blog from VIVI

When I am invited to speak with young entrepreneurs on behalf of Blackbullion I always ask them how long they could last on their savings. It really does take twice as long and cost twice as much as expected to … Continue reading

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To laugh or to cry? – the ABI’s review of legacy charges.

Nearly a year and a half on from the publication of the OTT’s damning report on workplace pension provision, the ABI have proudly announced that Frontier Economics have reported on the charges their members have been making on our DC … Continue reading

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After the 2014 earthquake, the 2015 Tsunami – great guest blog from Ralph Frank

The sheer scale of changes to the UK (defined contribution) pensions environment that have been announced in 2014 was not foreseen at the start of the year.  Some of the measures proposed during the year, such as the charges cap, … Continue reading

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Gillett – the best Man U can get – #ytfc scoop prize tie!

    Regular followers of this blog will know that it supports Gary Johnson’s Green and White army. This has proved quite difficult this season,  at times under the adjusted handicap of the First Actuarial Monkey League, YTFC have been the worst team … Continue reading

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How Government can ensure capacity for good pensions advice and provision

There are concerns over whether the UK has enough spare power capacity over the coming years. So to ensure the lights stay on the government is offering electricity producers a “capacity payment”, which is a payment simply for having power … Continue reading

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What should we pay for the annuity guarantee?

  The publication of the FCA’s market study on annuities has not met with much enthusiasm. Consumerists do not think it has gone far enough to punish lazy insurers. Those on the sell side find it hard to understand what … Continue reading

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