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The FofAE Choices Taskforce – what we’re about!

Vision Every employer staging auto-enrolment will be able to demonstrate they have taken reasonable steps to make an informed choice over their workplace pension. Objectives To ensure that employers are aware that they have a duty to choose a suitable … Continue reading

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How interoperable are you?

One of the Friends of Auto-Enrolment’s groups is called the interoperability task-force. I think Andy Agethangelou makes these names up so his name seems short by comparison. “Interoperability” is a concept I haven’t come across before, but like a lot … Continue reading

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Has Greece’s cloud got a silver lining? – Guest blog from Ralph Frank

The current situation in Greece presents a host of challenges to the global economy and related financial markets as well as the participants therein, including savers.  The uncertainty arising from the situation and the potential consequences thereof has many parties … Continue reading

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The Regulator makes it easier for micro-employers to auto-enrol

Charles Counsell spoke at the Regulator’s provider conference on Tuesday (30th June).  These are my notes of what he said and there may be some minor inconsistencies. I hope to post a slide-share link to his slides when they are … Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment – a job worth doing?

Ask yourself a question – is the Government changed its mind and stopped the auto-enrolment program at the end of the year – how would you feel? I expect that there would be a mixed bag of reactions Outrage from … Continue reading

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Common sense needed on transfers

Whether you’re moving house or moving money, the process is fraught. We are no closer to pots following member than when the “portable personal pension” was established in 1987. The friction involved in moving money from scheme to scheme, fund … Continue reading

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Glastonbury – Johnny’s still alive.

  There was a touching moment in Patti Smith’s set on the final day of Glastonbury. I’d always thought that Land was about the Johnny’s suicide, I’m glad that Johnny (and Rock and Roll) survive In the late 70’s, “Horses”, … Continue reading

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Should workplace pensions have a duty of candour?

We seem to have learned nothing from the Office of Fair Trading report on workplace pensions. In case you’ve forgotten, the OFT reported they’d never encountered such  poor purchasing as with employers purchasing pensions for their staff. What has been … Continue reading

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Why due diligence is soooooooo important!

  Yesterday I wrote about pension charges and the difference between poor practice and malpractice . At some point the value for money swing-ometre  tips into rip-off territory and it’s almost always when those managing its costs of a scheme, stop acting … Continue reading

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Bad practice or malpractice?

Johnson hath spoken! Michael is one of the few people who owes the financial services industry nothing. His voice is independent and trustworthy and his latest contribution to the debate on how we fund our retirement is welcome Pensions are … Continue reading

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