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Price isn’t everything

Price isn’t everything but it is where many employer’s heads are today. The trick is to move the argument on from price but this can only be done once we have got bad practice out of the system for all time.

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NEST “admits” to 99% of cash going to the default fund

Thanks to Andy Dickson for drawing my intention to this article in FT Adviser National Employment Savings Trust, the government-backed auto-enrolment scheme provider, has revealed that 99 per cent of the 300,000 people that have so far begun making contributions … Continue reading

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An advice gap…or a competence gap?

I wish the OFT success in their endeavours, I enjoyed reading their interim paper and I’m sure I will enjoy reading the output of their current research in the autumn. In the meantime, we have work to do. Continue reading

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NEST should strike while the nappy’s wet

Write off the NEST debt now! Continue reading

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How safe is my pension?

This is one of the five most commonly asked questions I’ve been asked in my time advising members of workplace pensions in the past 25 years. In that time I have only advised on one scheme where members lost their … Continue reading

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Great British Productivity – a matter of pride

This is the Olympic legacy and it is one we can all share in. Continue reading

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For a summer’s day; the river and the racecourse (thx ITM and Lady Lucy)

this calm descends like a blanket of sleep Continue reading

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NEST’s ambitious business plan looks doomed

Perhaps the restriction on providing supporting software to enable online on boarding and aE compliance is the one that is most needed of all, Continue reading

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No smugness – NEST’s British

Ultimately, if NEST fails, auto-enrolment fails and if AE fails we have lost, for a generation, the opportunity to genuinely reform Britain’s long-term savings behaviour Continue reading

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Time to pull together on Pension Liberation Fraud

The gravity of the situation is reflected by the schemes that the Regulator are now looking at. One scheme alone is though to have “liberated” between £130 and £150m , a good proportion of which is lost for ever as the … Continue reading

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